Author Saundra


Her Sweetest Revenge 2 Cover

on October 21, 2015

Her Sweetest Revenge 2 Cover


2 responses to “Her Sweetest Revenge 2 Cover

  1. NiCorrie Sanders says:

    Hello ms Saundra. I’m not sure you will see this comment but I had to still reach out to you. I founded your book at my local library and I was hooked the first book was so good I finished it in maybe four days tops looking for answers I need to read the second book which let me completely speechless. That book was soooo good I finished in only two days. I somehow have connected myself to these Characters In your story its like I can identify with all of them on some level. I laughed, i cried but most of all I learned reading your books. I can’t wait til march of next year to see just what way I can be moved by you. I really really thank u for this beautiful work u put together u helped me get a lot of answers about my personal life that I didn’t know I would be able to answer. Hearing back from you would be a great gift but even if I never heard back from u I will always feel like somehow my message has reached you and honestly Saundra that’s all I could ever ask for. Again I thank u. God bless

    • sjones34 says:

      Hi NiCorrie, This is new to me I had no idea that you could even send messages on here. That’s pretty cool. I’m still learning my way around this site. But I’m glad you reached out. I love hearing from the readers. I am so glad you enjoyed my story. I always say my reward for writing is when readers enjoy what I wrote. I’m also glad that you were able to relate. Please go to Amazon and leave a review on Her Sweetest Revenge 1 and 2. I would appreciate it so much if you did. And you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & Goodreads all by Author Saundra. Oh and spread the word about my books. And hit me up anytime like I said I love hearing from the readers. Don’t be a stranger.

      1 Keystroke At A TYME!!

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