Author Saundra


Sneak Peak ‘Her Sweetest Revenge 2″

on December 2, 2015

Chapter 1

Pop. Pop. Pop.
“Agh!” I screamed as the hot bullet that left Luscious’s gun pierced my left shoulder. Grabbing my shoulder, I instantly felt the hot blood start dripping down my sleeve. But the thud of Luscious’s body hitting the ground had my attention. Then Luscious disappeared and on the ground in his spot Monica lay covered in blood. “MONICA, MONICA!!” I yelled over and over.
“Mya!” I heard someone yelling my name, but my body was frozen in one spot. Panic set in as I tried to force myself toward Monica. “Mya,” I heard my name again. I felt myself blacking out.
“Mya.” I finally opened my eyes and realized it was Hood shaking me, calling my name. “Babe, it’s only a dream again. You at home and safe. So is Monica.” I looked around the room as I realized I was home in my bed. “Shit, I hate these dreams.” I sat up then slightly, pushed my Donna Karan stitched quilt off me, and climbed out of the bed. Realizing I had interrupted Hood’s sleep again, I apologized. “And I’m really sorry for waking you up with this shit again.” I went into our master bathroom to wipe all the perspiration off my forehead that had built up while I was panicking in my dreaming.
“It’s a’ight, you know I got you. Besides I’m ’bout to get up anyway. Gotta handle business.” As usual, I could always count on Hood to be supportive. No matter what. But I was sick of having these dreams. It had been well over a year since Luscious had tried to sneak up on me at Stylz by Design to take me out. He thought he had me too, but his plan had failed when Monica came out of nowhere and shot him in back of the head, killing him instantly. I was lucky, because had it not been for my sister Monica, I would be dead. Luscious did end up shooting me in the shoulder, but I recovered so fast it was like a pat on the back. To be honest, the dreams were worse than getting shot.
The only regret I had about the whole incident was Monica getting caught up in the middle. I hated that she now had murder on her hands. Even worse, it was her daughter Imani’s father that she had killed. It was only a coincidence that she had even showed up at the shop that morning. On her way to school she remembered she needed money. She later said that she had attempted to call my cell but got no answer so she came because she knew that was where I would be. As she pulled in, she happened to see Luscious, who she thought was dead, slip into my shop. Monica said she knew he was up to something and without a second thought she grabbed the .22 pistol that Hood had given her for protection out of the glove compartment of her all-white 2012 Dodge Charger. Just as she entered the back of the shop, she saw me running toward Luscious as he fired shots at me. So even though I regret her having to kill Imani’s dad, I thank God she that she did.
As I came out of the bathroom, Hood headed into our triple-sized walk-in closet. “Well, since I’m up, would you like me to make you some breakfast? A little eggs, bacon, maybe some hash browns,” I offered. There was no way I was going back to sleep. I refused to close my eyes only to get a glimpse of Luscious. Hell no. I would stay woke.
I had told Rochelle I was coming in late today since I stayed over the night before, but what the heck, I might as well drag my ass in. I could get an early start on inventory since I didn’t have any appointments scheduled. Even though I owned the shop, I still had a few special clients. And for my services they paid top dollar.
“Nah, babe, I’m good. I’ma meet up with my people early this morning so I’ll just grab some on the way.” Hood walked into the bathroom as I plopped back down on the bed and quietly contemplated my next move. I decided a latte would do me good so I made the kitchen a part of my mission for the morning. Not soon after Hood left the house I jumped in the shower. An hour later I had searched through my closet and fished out a pair of white Vince tennis shorts with a black Helmut Lang tank. I completed the outfit with Alexander Wang ankle-strap sandals. I had to admit my new style was classic. I had put the Brewster Projects dressing behind me. At least a little bit—I still would represent from time to time. With not as much as one glance in the mirror, I concluded I was ready to head out.


2 responses to “Sneak Peak ‘Her Sweetest Revenge 2″

  1. simone woodberry says:

    Ms saundra,
    I just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed your latest book. Ive read all three in the revenge looking forward to your next book. Can you tell me will you have another one this year. I loved mya and hood love story.god bless you.

    • sjones34 says:

      Hi Simone, sorry it took so long I’m just seeing this post. Thanks so much for supporting me. Add me as a friend on FACEBOOK AND GOODREADS. This way you can keep up on all release dates. Keep in touch love hearing from my readers. And be sure to leave reviews on Amazon for the each book in the Her Sweetest Revenge Series.

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