Author Saundra


Meet Saundra

Saundra grew up in Cleveland, Mississippi, and now resides in Indiana with her husband and children. She started writing screenplays at the age of twelve and as an adult her need to create intensified. Saundra self-published her first novella, Owning Up, before being discovered by Delphine Publications. She is currently working on her next project. Visit her website at, or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @AuthorSaundra.


Books By Saundra

Her Sweetest Revenge Series 1-3

Pieces of Justice


8 responses to “Meet Saundra

  1. thomas custis says:

    hi how are you doing i love your books my name is thomas i would like to ask you some thig cuz i would like to do a book and see if you can hlep

  2. Chenitta says:

    Im honored I got to me Saundra at the I Indiana black expo and picked up a copy of her book schemes and her series of her sweet revenge. They were all great books looking forward to reading more books from you. Great work!!!

    • sjones34 says:

      Hi Chenitta, it was good meeting you as well. I’m glad you enjoyed my books. Follow me on Facebook AUTHORSAUNDRA. This way you can keep up with all new releases.

  3. T says:

    I read all 3 Books of Her Sweetest Revenge in less than a week..5 minutes before researching you, I just finished book three..The series of books had me going through so many mixed emotions from family, friendships, money , struggling, love, never giving up ..I could go on …Today I was in tears at the thought of Rochelle being on drugs… I’m over here pissed that there is not a book 4 ….Faboulous read ..Never a dull moment ..I will be looking up your other books ..

    • sjones34 says:

      Thanks so much for supporting me I’m glad you enjoyed my books. Schemes my latest book that I wrote with Kiki Swinson will be released this Tuesday September 27th go to Wal Mart and grab a copy. Stay in touch I love hearing from my readers follow me on On Instragam, twitter, facebook and goodreads as Authorsaundra

  4. Shirmanda Turpin says:

    hi I’m try to read your book. Bout it going to take me a little while because I don’t know some of the words so I will have to look them on dictionary. Be I have a mental disability and also I have sickle cell disease

    • sjones34 says:

      Hi Shirmanda, thanks for supporting me. Take your time reading my books and Enjoy. Stay in touch I love hearing from my readers. Follow me on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter I go by AuthorSaundra

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